Awakened Cabal

e-Coins from stay online

Vote Coins from Vote

Ingame Events

A lot custom features


Episode 8 up to Episode 16 Updates/Contents

Med to HIGH Rate server PVE concept (not too hard, not too easy. Fun gameplay)

Play2win, No gear,no scroll,no items for real money; only usables. More farm = Stronger

STAY ONLINE to get free Cabal Cash, Join game events for free Cabal Cash Vote to get 'Vote Coins' which you are able to spend at ingame Vote shop

Exp: Easy

Skill: Dual Transcender with many points - Passive Buffs for all classes

Wexp: 10x

Axp: 150x (Easy to get Max ap)

Drops per mob/chest: 3

Free BM3 all of 3 Stages

STRONG Starter/Newbie Set,usables for 15 days

Balanced Classes with rework

Auto Weekly Events with unique drops

Latest Dungeons

Wexp Shops to make you addicted for Mission War

Unique Parts; Newest Accessories,New Runes,Newest Costumes,Animated Wings and more

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